Ionut Iordache

Ionut Iordache

Ionut Iordache


I love what i do, i try to share my experience and my beliefs. I will always stay true to myself and to the reason i exist: To inspire happyness! Welcome!

Hey guys, first of all thanks for visiting my official page and of course for liking my work and sharing the worldwide Zumba® Love.

My story starts briefly about 29 years ago in a small town in Calarasi, with my parents completely exhausted from my high energy, rocking the crib and jumping off tables :).

I don't have a dance history, except my complete love for it. As a teenager I used to study music videos and imitate everythig I saw.

Time passed and I got concerned with "reality" too much, meaning that I forgot the purpose of my being here and I got caught up in job security and reliability by doing things I hated, and at which (unfortunaley) I was good at.

I started my profesional life as an accountant, emerging to a public acquisition specialist, irregularity officer, european fund specialist and kept working up the ladder to a six sigma green belt trainee at a multinational transport company.

The hard work simply led up to a life that had no satisfaction at all, just rutine and lack of a social life.

I made a tough decision and went back to my hometown where I started an advertising company. I decided that for the rest of my life I won't get caught up in doing things that don't suit me and that bring me everything else but joy.

In the winter of 2011 I saw a trailer to the 2011 Zumba® Fitness Convention that changed my life. That short trailer changed my life and had me take the first training available.

From then on, I loved, I learned, I worked, I danced and I lived with a smile on my face.

And here I am, still loving what I do, still smiling and still spreading my beliefs and love for life and Zumba® Fitness.

Nice to meet you :)


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